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Enabling digital evolution through agile, on demand, high bandwidth solutions

Today, tier-1 sell-side institutions, buy-side participants, technology vendors and international exchanges rely on Colt’s capabilities, experience and ultra-low-latency network to connect to a wide financial ecosystem across multiple asset-classes and geographies.

Colt’s customers benefit from Colt’s SDN-enabled, intelligent network, known as the Colt IQ Network, which has been designed to provide on-demand access to global data centres, public cloud providers, as well as participants’ premises.

Colt places network POPs as close to the exchange matching engine as possible, selects the lowest latency cable systems, optimises the fibre backhaul and uses a state-of-the-art integrated end-to-end network platform to reduce latency to a minimum. The agile architecture and constant drive for the fastest routes make Colt a leader in ultra-low-latency networks.


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Our capital markets portfolio:


Dedicated connectivity

We offer fully managed, resilient networking solutions based on the Colt IQ Network. You can use them to establish secure, low-latency, dedicated connections to clients, brokers, trading venues or the cloud; or to create a private network connecting your own capital markets community.

Financial extranet

Our financial extranet connects a global capital markets ecosystem of exchanges, venues and service providers to participants worldwide. A single physical connection to Colt PrizmNet gives you rapid, cost effective access to any other connected organisation; and our advanced online portal puts you in full control of your services.

Ultra low latency

Our highly secure, ultra low latency network services are designed to meet the high-frequency trading (HFT) needs of the most demanding buy-side and sell-side firms. The services provide global coverage with low-latency paths between key trading locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Colocation & hosting

We offer managed colocation services at more than 30 market venues and third-party proximity data centres in Europe, Asia and North America, and across asset classes including equities, derivatives, commodities and FX. For added resilience, we can host backup infrastructure for you at other nearby Colt or third-party data centres.

Market data services

A licensed market data vendor since integrating MarketPrizm into our business, we offer more than 50 managed market data feeds for major European and Asian markets (including normalised data across Asia). We carry feeds from exchanges and liquidity venues for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX; and deliver data at consistently low latencies — even during periods of volatility.

We provide:

A world-class network

A highly resilient, high bandwidth global infrastructure, connecting all primary capital markets locations in Europe, North America and Asia with 900+ data centres and 52 major metro areas worldwide.

Excellent service

A level of service to exceed the expectations of some of the most demanding clients in the world, provided through experienced people who understand the financial services sector.

Expert customer support

A real commitment to delivering a superior customer experience, with a dedicated helpdesk, 24/7 support, allocated service managers and a relentless focus on reducing downtime and service restoration.

Meeting the needs of the global capital markets ecosystem

Driven by technological innovation, complex market structures, and regulatory reforms, the financial markets are particularly demanding and challenging. Global competition, market fragmentation and the need to connect quickly to an increasing number of interdependent exchanges and liquidity pools have increased the costs and complexity of trading.

Time-to-market, network performance and connectivity to a wider financial ecosystem across multiple asset-classes have become the main challenges for market participants. Colt and its financial ecosystem and partners are uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective solutions either as modular stand-alone services or as fully integrated end-to-end solutions.


Why choose Colt?

Industry knowledge & 24x7 support

Colt has been focusing on the capital markets since its inception and understands today’s challenges and opportunities. We consider ourselves as an extension of your IT and trading desk teams with 24x7 international service desk support included.

Time to market

Colt provides a comprehensive offering with key low-latency routes, cost-effective colocation solutions, managed services and end-to-end offerings for your entire trading and network infrastructure. This enables efficient deployment of trading strategies and business-critical data alike while reducing time-to-market.


We provide a wide selection of market-connectivity solutions across exchanges and asset-classes in Asia, Europe and the US. Our unique partnerships with the exchanges and relevant IT teams ensure that Colt remains ahead of the changes in this evolving market.

Access to the trading system

Colt is trusted by over 450 global financial institutions, including regional exchanges and key market participants in these exchanges. Colt customers enjoy simple and fast access to these market participants in all major regional financial markets.

Reliable project management & client on-boarding

Colt communicates and coordinates directly with your end clients for initial implementation and ongoing operations. Clients receive the necessary support and services to get up and running, including network provisioning, hardware procurement, physical installation and cabling, basic configuration, connectivity testing, and remote hands/smart hands.

Guaranteed performance

Trusted by proprietary trading desks and sell-side institutions, we provide a wide range of network solutions including IP-VPN, Ethernet and leased lines to match individual business needs as well as security and performance requirements. Stringent service level agreements further guarantee high reliability, while our engineers are continually assessing our network to optimise routes for the lowest latency

What our customers say


"Colt’s strength is their fast response time and ability to provide us and our customers comprehensive solutions within budget and scheduled timeframe. In today’s evolving markets, only reliable AND fast solutions will prevail."

Bank of America


"Colt’s experience with financial firms enabled them to quickly understand our requirements and therefore reduce our time-to-market to a minimum."


Colt PrizmNet

PrizmNet is Colt’s premium Layer 3 network for Capital Markets customers. The PrizmNet core backbone connects the world’s major financial data centres with dedicated low latency paths and a high-availability design. Deterministic latency in the core is assured by use of pre-defined, traffic engineered paths to ensure that the shortest path through the network is used between any two points.

Because PrizmNet leverages Colt’s wholly owned assets and expertise across Europe and Asia – we are able to deliver enhanced capabilities to deliver a superior experience.

Award-winning performance and service


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