Secure, reliable business VPN at an affordable cost.

With almost weekly stories in the news about security breaches at some of the world’s biggest businesses, how can a mid-sized business ensure they get the best possible network security without blowing the IT budget? Colt’s business VPN means you don’t have to compromise; do business over a secure private network while getting the cost-saving benefits of a shared global network.

Secure & reliable

Minimise exposure of your business to hacking, data breaches, and DDoS attacks. Colt’s IP VPN, connects all your business sites over a private network that never traverses public internet.

Your business processes rely on your network. Colt IP VPN is high speed with a range of resiliency options, always ensuring seamless access to essential business applications. With Colt IP VPN you get all the security you’d expect from a private network while gaining the cost-saving benefits of our own shared network.


As a leading business VPN provider, we’ve got you covered globally, even in small and emerging markets, with our own extensive private fibre network supported by the networks of 155+ rigorously vetted partners.


At Colt we know there’s no “one size fits all” approach. So you choose your access from Colt owned Fibre, DSL, EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) and Wireless through 3G & 4G.

As network demands increase, prioritize traffic like time-sensitive activities such as VoIP. Or add bandwidth as and when you need it. We offer speeds from 64kps to 10Gbps.

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Business Internet Access
Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks.

SD-WAN as a Service
Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks.

DDoS Protection
24/7 internet security solutions; from managed firewalls to DDoS protection.

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“Working for Colt, I have grown in confidence through the support and encouragement given.  The freedom to grow has allowed me to focus on what drives me and the friendly culture within Colt has made this a great place to work and enabled me to be successful.”

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The Colt solution gives us the resources to move forward with our business, and Colt has turned out to be a partner with far more to offer than we'd been aware of. They're willing and able to engage with us strategically, which helps us to plan for the future. Colt did come highly recommended to us, and we haven't been disappointed. Conor Marshall
Head of ICT & Product Strategy, Tourism Ireland