IN Hosted Services

Resell your own regulatory compliant numbers


Businesses require numbers for numerous reasons, from a method to let customers contact them to generating revenue from calls, and these businesses need their traffic to be collected and terminated to meet these needs . However, as regulatory changes have come into effect, resellers can no longer buy their numbers from providers and instead must own their numbers in order to sell to their end-customers.

France, Italy, Spain, Belgium & UK: To resell in these countries you must now procure your own numbers from the local regulatory authorities

To overcome this, we have developed our IN Hosted Services solution, which allows to host and route your calls in locations where sub-reselling is not allowed, with a full service wrap and management, whilst complying to the regulations in place, so that your end-customers can successfully receive calls.

Explore the benefits


  • Pan-European service

    For operators who are looking to expand outside of their native country where they do not have a network, Colt can simplify this process through our footprint to allow you to expand quickly and easily

  • Take control with our self-service portal

    With our Voice on Demand portal, you can access real-time statistics, view your number inventory, activate, modify or cease numbers, monitor call quality and activate new call plans instantly, all at your own convenience.

  • Pay as you grow

    Only pay for the numbers you use with our usage based charges, so you get the flexibility to scale your service with the best rates available.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Colt can host your IN numbers to collect and terminate your traffic in locations where sub reselling is not allowed with full regulatory compliance

  • Reliable service

    Have full trust in your service with our outstanding support and defined service level agreements

  • Link your numbers to any other Colt product

    As your numbers will be registered alongside our Colt native numbers, you can easily use our tools to link them to our other products like Colt SIP Trunking

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IN Hosted Services explained

  • With Colt IN Hosted Services we support the following numbers:

    • Freephone/Toll-free: Charge free numbers for the caller
    • Shared Cost: Calls where the cost is shared between you and the caller
    • Premium Rate: Higher rate calls that can be amended to your needs
    • INGEO / DID Numbers : Calls determined on local cost rates

    To find out more about these numbers and the benefits they provide please click here.

  • Colt can collect your traffic from 13 European countries, which can then be terminated to different locations or sent to your own network, so you can terminate the traffic yourself.

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We’ll ask you for a few pieces of information and be able to provide a quote in less than 24 hours.