Five new concerns when choosing a WAN

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Wide Area Networks – the wider issues

In an IT world where the pace of change rarely slows, owners and providers of Wide Area Networks (WAN) may be forgiven for thinking that they live in a haven of relative calm.

It may seem that after the transitions from analogue to digital networks, with their litany of jargon and abbreviations (PSS, IP, MLPS etc) and cloud constructs, the fundamentals of Multi-Site Networks have not changed. But this is an illusion – certainly in terms of functionality, but also in the emergence of new operational capabilities and requirements needed to meet new demands.

In this whitepaper we highlight some of the criteria and developments you should include in any requirement documents you are producing:

  • Essential design criteria for IT professionals considering WAN design
  • Significant WAN developments driving this change (including SD-WAN)
  • Potential impacts on the wider enterprise

If you’re in the process of choosing a WAN or are looking to provision one in the near future, this is the whitepaper for you.