Adam Warden

Inside Sales Manager, London

I feel really proud that I’ve been in the world of work for 20 years now and never really had a period of unemployment. It would be silly for me not to say that joining Colt was a significant moment for me – I’ll have been here 13 years in September. There were a lot of people from Colt at my wedding, I’ve made a huge amount of friends here.

That being said, I’m also really proud of when, after I left my last employer, I decided to travel around the world in 74 days. I was in most places for about three or four days, then I’d move on, and there were times where I felt really alone and it was really difficult. I left my phone in a taxi, which luckily I got back in the end, and my camera got stolen. I was alone for about a month, then I flew to Tokyo and got to my hostel and met these other travellers and we had a laugh about it all, and it kind of made up for it. That whole experience really shaped me.

Adam Warden | Inside Sales Manager | London