Amrick Marahta

Global Director of HR Technology & Innovation, UK

My late father was definitely the most influential person in my life. When I was about 16, I decided to go and work for him at our travel business instead of going to college – he and I had the view that there’s no better teacher than experience, in terms of developing quickly and working up the ranks. It was intimidating at first because everyone around me was older and there was a lot of pressure to deliver and perform. I was able to work through that though, and I started getting really good feedback from my clients who agreed to provide us with more business.

The biggest plus of working with my father was his mentorship and guidance. The piece of advice that’s stuck with me the most is when he said, “Between the start of your life and the end of your life, you can draw a line. That line represents mediocrity, and you can either choose to live above or below it.” I bring that to my job every day. At Colt, we’re so open to change and transformation – we embrace innovation with open arms. We’re always challenging the status quo and we’re not afraid to go against legacy thinking. That’s definitely what I love most about working here and I will always be grateful to my father for encouraging me to always reach for new heights.

Amrick Marahta | Global Director of HR Technology & Innovation | UK