Bo Duim

Colt and Oracle: Improved customer engagement with cloud connectivity

30 Oct 2018

Cloud adoption is critical to providing businesses with the agility they need in order to service the increasingly stringent and changeable demands of their customer base.

IBM and Colt: Enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation

26 Jun 2018

Security, availability and resiliency are critical to today’s enterprise. This is why IBM and Colt are pleased to announce our newly extended collaboration. …

Colt now enabling connectivity to Google Cloud

11 Jun 2018

What started as organisations hesitantly dipping their toes into cloud utilisation, has grown into many companies now connecting to multiple public cloud providers in order to create a more bespoke technological solution to their business problems.

Colt and Ciena – raising the bar throughout the industry

23 Apr 2018

Colt and Ciena have come together to raise industry standards by forming a partnership, which services the high bandwidth demands of the future. …