Christofer Schneider

Number Porting process for resellers in Germany

14 Jun 2016

Colt has a long history and strong expertise supplying full regulatory compliance in all countries where we operate. Regulatory rules are different in all countries and we support local laws, industry standards and regulations of all relevant aspects, such as…

Upcoming Wholesale and Reseller Event

14 Jun 2016

The customer is in the centre of everything we do at Colt. Therefore we like to spend as much time as possible with our customers. Our Wholesale/Reseller events are a great opportunity to talk with our customers, learn about their…

Colt extends VoIP Access service

15 Mar 2016

We are extending our SIP trunking service Colt VoIP Access to new countries for our White Label customers and Resellers, enabling them to unlock new business opportunities in the evolving VoIP markets. Colt VoIP Access is our fully featured end-customer…