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People working at a network services company looking at a laptop

Why the time is right for the customer oriented network

Consumer technology has influenced and blazed a trail for business technology. It’s time that happened for networking and telecoms.

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

Hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the cloud model of choice for organisations seeking the best of all worlds. But if a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment is not supported by the right connectivity, then a poor experience can result and expected dividends fail to materialise.

OneAsia Network Limited

Colt Hong Kong Metro is adopted as a network for connection between data centres and financial hub…

People working together at a network services company

Google’s guide to the multi-cloud world

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform—but what are the industry trends and data points on how companies are adopting the cloud?…

Colt announces expanded cloud offerings with Oracle FastConnect

30 Oct 2018

Colt will now offer dedicated cloud connectivity services to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

SAS Global Communications Limited

SAS Global Communications Limited uses Colt’s On Demand solution to connect 2,500 users to ERP services running on AWS.

GLF demonstrates how blockchain can transform inter-carrier settlement

23 Oct 2018

ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) has announced the successful completion of a multi-lateral blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) involving several of its members. …

Colt and Zeetta Networks unveil ground-breaking blockchain solution

18 Oct 2018

Colt Technology Services and Zeetta Networks will reveal a world first Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration ‘Blockchain-Based Carrier Marketplace…

Colt announces the deployment of additional fibre in Berlin

11 Oct 2018

Nearly 500 additional connected buildings will be able to benefit from the new expansion with fast and secure connections of 100Gbps.

Colt to deploy additional fibre in the city of Dublin; expanding its IQ Network

05 Oct 2018

The expansion will ensure Colt underpins the digital transformation of national and international businesses, as Ireland undergoes a period of growth.

Imagica Logo - Dedicated Cloud Access for Imagica


IMAGICA Lab. were the first customers in Japan to choose Colt On Demand Services in order to efficiently upload large video data to the cloud.

Colt expands its presence in Spain

17 Sep 2018

Colt Technology Services has more than tripled its presence in Spain to power the bandwidth requirements in the region.