Colt Technology

Softbrain Co., Ltd

With Colt, you get access to network services both low in cost and high in reliability. …


Colt data centre and cloud connectivity services chosen as platform for financial services information site…

Colt adds low-latency TOCOM market data feeds

13 Sep 2016

The migration of TOCOM trading to the J-GATE trading system will make it easier for local and international traders to trade Japanese commodities products – which are becoming increasingly popular with investors – at lower latencies. …

Colt launches premium internet in Singapore

30 Aug 2016

Colt IP Access extends Colt’s portfolio of solutions in Singapore, including Ethernet and dedicated cloud connectivity solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS). …

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

23 Aug 2016

Colt delivers reliable connectivity for ANA’s marketing analytics system with Colt Dedicated Cloud Access…

What global firms are looking for in IT (part 7)

10 Aug 2016

When choosing a data center, it is important to accurately define what it is you are seeking.

What global firms are looking for in IT (part 6)

03 Aug 2016

When choosing a data center, it pays to weigh your options carefully. Once systems are initialized, physical relocation can present a significant – and sometimes impossible – challenge, one that consumes both time and money. …

What global firms are looking for in IT (part 5)

25 Jul 2016

In Japan, some 170 providers are currently operating data center services, and can be divided into 4 broad categories according to their main offerings: DC specialists, system integrators, regional data centers, and telecommunications carriers. …

What global firms are looking for in IT (part 4)

11 Jul 2016

The data center service market continues to grow. According to research by organizations such as IDC Japan, the market is projected to continue expanding, with annual growth expected to be close to 7% until 2019.

Colts strategic partnership with SORACOM

11 Jul 2016

Colt’s etherXEN will support direct connection between SORACOM and customer IT environments located outside AWS to create IoT system infrastructure. …

What global firms are looking for in IT (part 3)

29 Jun 2016

MEF consists of over 210 organizations including telecommunications service providers, network device and software developers, semiconductor firms, test operation groups and the like, for the purpose of accelerating the worldwide introduction of Carrier Ethernet-based networks and services. …

The opportunities in Asia Pacific (FX-MM)

07 Jun 2016

Capital markets in Asia have endured a protracted period of bruising and unpredictable trading conditions in recent months as a consequence of China’s economic slowdown. …