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Data centre integration and federation for media

As media businesses mature into ‘viral’ services, they must adapt to audience demands or risk having customers quickly abandon their offerings for other, higher performing alternatives…

Optical fibre illustration

Colt PrizmNet connects 3 of the top 5 US brokers

08 May 2017

Colt is challenging the status quo with Colt PrizmNet, a financial extranet offering deterministic low latencies for delivering data, software, content and financial services worldwide.

Gartner advises enterprises to value agility

02 May 2017

Gartner research advises business to specify Pan-European WAN service needs based on required outcomes rather than on network technologies

Wholesale: An industry in evolution

10 Apr 2017

According to research, the most important factors in managing telecoms demand are international connectivity (72%) followed by next-gen technology (66%)…

Colt seeks a return to its roots

28 Mar 2017

At a briefing for analysts in London last week, fixed-line network provider Colt set out a dedicated and focussed strategy to offer high-bandwidth services targeted exclusively at the enterprise market.

Colt to Launch “Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service”

14 Mar 2017

With “Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service”, customers are not required to purchase their own PBX, allowing them to pay only a minimal initial cost and small monthly fee.

Colt IQ Network puts AWS connectivity on demand

06 Mar 2017

London, 6 March 2017 – Colt Technology Services has expanded its SDN-enabled Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) On Demand offering, providing intelligent, secure and reliable private connectivity into the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Launching high-bandwidth services in Hong Kong

01 Mar 2017

The expansion of the network to Hong Kong is part of the ongoing investment project being undertaken by Colt in Asia, which includes similar projects in Japan and Singapore. …

Industry Leaders Collaborate on SDN API Standards

28 Feb 2017

BARCELONA, Feb. 28, 2017 – AT&T*, Orange, and Colt Technology Services are working with MEF and TM Forum to release the first set of standard application programming interfaces (APIs) for orchestrated Carrier Ethernet services later this year. This initiative uses MEF’s LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) framework and TM Forum’s Open API framework.

Colt and NESIC to collaborate

23 Feb 2017

Colt began expanding support for the IoT market in 2016, bringing significant technical knowledge and expertise cultivated from providing network infrastructure to the financial sector and applying it to the IoT market.

IED logo: global network services for IED


23 Feb 2017

The Institute needed a reliable network infrastructure to guarantee an outstanding learning experience to their students and to enable administrative staff to interact with teaching and service support.

Asia Pacific Land Logo: Colt provides financial solutions for Asia Pacific Land

Asia Pacific Land (Japan) Limited

Asia Pacific Land (APL) is a privately owned real estate investment, development, and asset management firm. It was established in 1994 and operates in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Shenyang. …