Guy Ruddock

Vice President – Design, Delivery and Operations for Colt’s Data Centre Services, responsible for the development and operations of the Data Centre and Node estate for Colt, which comprises over 350 sites and 20 data centres throughout Europe. Guy conceived the Colt Modular Data Centre three years ago which is now acknowledged as the market leader in its field.

Who cares how much water a data centre uses, I’ve got a low PUE

09 Oct 2013

PUE has become the de facto standard for measuring energy efficiency and by extension environmental impact of modern data centres. But it’s not flawless or entirely complete. PUE is just one small measure of the environmental impact of data centres.

Custom built Data Centres

19 Apr 2013

There are a number of companies, which have truly revolutionised the go-to-market approach for consumer-facing technology. Take Apple for example who made the purchase of music in its own ecosystem legal . Or Dell who redefined the office PC market…

Colt wins “Innovation in a Medium Data Centre” award at the DCD awards 2012

14 Dec 2012

It’s one thing to develop a product from scratch that you know can transform the business of data centres, but it’s another dimension to be recognised in the industry for it.

What do we want? Future-proofing! When do we want it? Now!

08 Nov 2012

Data centre forecasting is not for the faint hearted. Let’s say a company decides to increase its data centre capacity. Generally you have a lot of different inputs into the decision making process; IT, facilities, Data centre operations, procurement, CIO,…