James Middleton

Customer experience is hard

03 Oct 2017

A good customer experience can translate into higher customer retention; faster revenue growth; or the ability to command a price premium

Colt and AT&T: Making stuff happen

15 Nov 2016

“We’re not just talking about this stuff we’re actually making it happen” – Josh Goodell, VP Network on Demand at AT&T, has spoken about how federated SDN services will be critical to operators, as enterprise customers increasingly expect services to be rolled out globally…

SDN: Three letters defining future services

27 Oct 2016

At a time when much of the telecom industry is preoccupied with investing in wireless and content assets, Colt is focusing on being an enabler…

Colt connects to Azure datacentres in Germany

27 Sep 2016

New datacenters in Magdeburg and Frankfurt adhere to German data handling regulations and give customers additional choices of how and where data is processed.

Bringing business online and boosting UK growth

19 Sep 2016

As Deputy London Mayor Rajesh Agrawal warns poor connectivity hinders economic growth and wants to treat digital infrastructure as other public utilities…

Lessons learned from cloud computing

Current networks are not designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation–supplied as long lead-time, fixed bandwidth circuits with expensive, long-term contracts. But enterprises need a ‘liquid infrastructure’.

Colt Heading BG 06

Colt seen as growing threat in Ethernet market

08 Sep 2016

September 08, 2016 – Colt Technology Services has been recognised for its dominance in the global Ethernet market and is now threatening the current market leader, according to the Vertical Systems Group’s Mid-Year 2016 Global Provider Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard.

Colt spearheads transformation with senior hires

05 Sep 2016

September 5, 2016 – Colt is undergoing a significant transformation, refocusing on delivering high-bandwidth solutions and a best in class network and customer experience. Executing this strategy requires the right mix of skills and the company has announced three senior commercial hires to lead the charge.

Colt Singapore introduces business grade internet

01 Sep 2016

September 1, 2016 – Colt IP Access addresses the growing demand from multi-national corporations (MNCs) in Singapore for reliable and competitive business-grade internet.