Peter Coppens

The impact of GDPR: Privacy and protection by design and default

09 May 2018

The initial impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only weeks away, with many companies still facing a significant amount of work to be in full compliance. …

Colt recognised for innovation, retail and wholesale strength with eight MEF awards

01 Dec 2017

The MEF awards are the latest accolades to show how Colt’s On Demand services are transforming the user experience by improving self-service capabilities…

The business case for SD WAN

17 Oct 2017

Colt has seen customer demand for SD WAN rising to over half of all WAN RFPs in 2017 and several large, multinational enterprise customers already on board…

What’s actually driving bandwidth demand?

18 Aug 2016

A digital transformation is coming – for some, not fast enough, for others, too fast. A Gartner survey found that 41 per cent of revenue will come from digital business by 2020. But there are too many enterprises that have yet to embark on a digital transformation strategy.

EUROVISION future proofs for on-demand, high-quality, live content

03 Apr 2014

Like most people, I expect a high quality of service from my broadcast provider(s). Whether I am watching sporting events or news coverage, I expect to do so without interruptions or delays to programming. If a broadcaster falls foul of…

Sharing the network virtualisation dividend for real on demand bandwidth

31 May 2013

Instant gratification is a trend of our age. We both expect and want products and services now. And this is fulfilled by a new powerful nexus of online services, smart devices, supply chains and much more.