Steve Hughes

Steve joined Colt in 2008 and has played a key role in developing Colt’s cloud and virtualisation services. He is a member of the IT Services portfolio marketing team where he is responsible for defining and introducing new services for the European market. Catch up with Steve’s latest views at

SDN: An overnight star?

18 Aug 2016

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is already enabling enterprises to move rapidly into a new era, where your network really is your network. It’s networking that you can switch and reconfigure dynamically.

Voice quality is more than just sound quality

09 Jun 2016

What does voice network quality mean to you? Is it reliability, the sound quality of the line, its resilience, its cost or its regulatory compliance? Actually a good network should offer all of these benefits to your company. Good sound…

Colt collects two new SDN awards

08 Jun 2016

In two separate ceremonies in May, Colt picked up trophies at both Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards in Austin Texas, and Informa’s Telco Cloud Forum Awards in London for its SDN on demand network services.

And the winner is…Colt

03 Jun 2016

In a world that sometimes seems overpopulated with award ceremonies, one can be forgiven for wondering if there is a new market opportunity – a competition between Awards programs for the Best Award for Best Awards? All great fun, but…

Do ‘unlimited’ calling packages really exist?

26 May 2016

Perhaps the question should be re-phrased to ask instead whether ‘unlimited calling packages are actually good value for your business?’ The fact is that ‘unlimited’ bundles rarely, if ever, entirely suit the needs of the business they are serving. Different…

SDN: How far is too far for self-service?

21 Apr 2016

Ever since the NIST definition of cloud computing was first drafted and right up to it reaching it’s 16th and Final version, the first essential characteristic has always been On-demand self-service. (A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities as needed…

Change Is Coming

17 Feb 2016

Get ready for your digital future. By 2019, the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross the global Internet every 2 minutes (Cisco VNI report). According to the Cisco VNI report : Business IP traffic will grow at…

Simple communication with Cloud UC

15 Feb 2016

Over the years we have all probably taken part in video conferences when located in various fixed positions. You could say the experience has been a ‘journey’. In terms of technology , much has changed along the way. Some of…

Thinking straight in a crisis

23 Nov 2015

In the recent Moments that Matter research, we asked IT professionals what they consider important in helping them deal with a crisis. We looked at personal style in addressing key decisions. And here we saw a strong bias for relying…

Key moments unnoticed?

09 Nov 2015

What if the key moments of your career went un-noticed…? In our recent study of CIOs and senior IT directors from across UK, France and Germany the answer to that What If question is, ‘They mostly are’… We had set…

The end of my customer’s customer?

02 Nov 2015

We work in an arena that is, perhaps more than any other, renowned for being dynamic. Barely a day will pass when changes to hardware, systems, networks or customer expectations demand attention. So amongst this turmoil it seems strange that…

The Activity Illusion

04 Aug 2015

Today we enjoy seemingly unlimited communications opportunities. And yet there are doubts emerging about whether the wealth of communications at our fingertips has been achieved at the cost of some of our more human skills – such as people management.