Tim Cook

People working at a modern network services company

The new PCI DSS compliance regulations for phone-based payments

20 Dec 2018

Last month the PCI SSC issued updated guidance for protecting phone-based payment card data – the first update since 2011. …

People working at a modern network services company

Colt, Semafone and PCI DSS compliance

15 Nov 2018

Colt has partnered with Semafone to provide its Cardprotect solution for organisations taking payment from customers over the phone, in line with the PCI DSS regulation. …

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Why customer experience is at the heart of what we do

28 Sep 2018

At Colt we’re proud of the customer experience (CX) we offer and continually working to improve this is something we take seriously. …

How to chip away at the barriers for digital transformation

06 Aug 2018

Digitally transforming a business is in no way simple, there are in most cases numerous barriers to overcome when transforming.

How to crack the code of digital transformation

05 Jun 2018

To crack the code of digital transformation, businesses can’t transform for the sake of it, rather they need to understand the purpose of the process.