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A transparent ECN marketplace structure for institutional FX trading

Hotspot, a division of Bats Global Markets, was the first ECN for the institutional foreign exchange (FX) market, and it continues to set standards and win awards for performance and customer service. Every day, Hotspot’s platform matches nearly $30 billion in currency trades initiated by market participants around the world, using innovative and proprietary matching technology located in both London and New York.

Hotspot offers deep liquidity and complete anonymity to its diverse global client base, which comprises over 220 banks, market makers, hedge funds, and other institutions active in currency markets. Hotspot’s clients enjoy all the benefits an independent ECN model brings to institutional FX trading — including full market transparency and greater control of the trading process, which enable better trade execution and lower transaction costs — complemented by outstanding client service.

By partnering with Colt PrizmNet, Hotspot gives its clients access to real-time reporting tools via the PrizmNet Online portal. This level of transparency allows them a deeper understanding of the global FX market, including how and where prices and liquidity are forming, which helps to drive more informed trading and investment decisions.

“Hotspot is committed to further enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the global FX market. Our partnership with Colt PrizmNet will help to support this progression by making the distribution of information more streamlined.” — Randy Williams, SVP, MarComms, Bats Global Markets