BitPoint Japan

Colt IT infrastructure was chosen as a platform for cryptocurrency exchange services


Customer’s challenge

BitPoint Japan is a cryptocurrency exchange trader established in March 2016 as a subsidiary of Remix Point, a TSE listed company, its mission is to help create a new way of money. In September 2017 they successfully registered as a virtual currency exchange offering its customers the ability to ‘send’, ‘use’ and ‘invest’ cryptocurrency. They’re not content with just offering an investment platform and also provide cryptocurrency settlement and remittance services.

Managed mainly by executives with previous experience working in financial institutions such as securities companies and banks the BitPoint exchange is based on credibility and trust. At the same time, they provide advanced and unique services such as Meta Trader 4 and customer service via telephone. BitCoin, a cryptocurrency, is managed through block chain technology. Through the blockchain, BitCoin and many other crytocurrencies, store mirrored information in many individual systems in a shared database. This technology is also called distributed ledger technology. Because the data is dispersed across multiple computers, it becomes very difficult for cyber attackers to hack the system, making BitCoin a secure investment.

Why Colt

When BitPoint was first developing their exchange they needed infrastructure that could meet the stringent Financial Trading Industry Standards and provide the highest level of security. ‘Colt, as a service provider, had the best reputation within the financial services industry. Additionally, their security solutions including IPS and IDS exceeded our requirements. Colt also enabled us to use private fibre lines, in effect creating a private network environment. Thanks to Colt’s solutions, we’re convinced our service will be delivered with high reliability and security,’ Mr Harada recalled.
‘’In the past, we’ve experienced cyber-attacks such as DDoS (Direct Denial of Service), but now thanks to Colt’s solution and infrastructure we’re able to maintain high performance without any major obstacles.”

BitPoint’s exchange operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the infrastructure needs to be monitored and managed round the clock. Thus the company decided to also opt for Colt’s managed device service in order to cover infrastructure design, construction and operation. ‘We’re very grateful of the fact we were able to reduce system maintenance and human resources cost by delegating maintenance and management to Colt,’ Mr Harada added.

Future plans

Going forward BitPoint is seeking to further strengthen their infrastructure by periodically analyzing and researching new developments within the cyber security field and taking anti-virus software where necessary. They’re also considering global expansion outside of Asia.
‘When considering expansion overseas we will always look to operate exchanges that focus on safe and secure cryptocurrency transactions utilizing Colt’s high security IT infrastructure,” Mr Harada said.

Since the start of the company, we’ve offered cryptocurrency exchange services with a focus on safety and security. With the highly secure and reliable IT solutions of Colt, it has become possible to meet the stringent standards of the financial trading industry.Tsutomu Harada, CTO, Representative Director, BITPOINT Japan Co., LTD.

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