BNZSA has consolidated its growth with Colt’s multi-country SIP Trunking and IP Access services.

A major part of BNZSA's business is telemarketing, and therefore having a reliable telecommunications provider is key for their plans for international expansion

The direct marketing agency BNZSA is headquartered in Spain but its sights are set on international expansion. A major part of its business is telemarketing, therefore having a reliable telecommunications provider is key. The company also has offices in France, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. However, all its calls originate from Spain. This is why they needed a VoIP service to allow them to cut costs and reach multiple countries using local numbers. To achieve this, Colt provided a multi-country SIP Trunking service and a dedicated 3GB connection to support all traffic.

Alex Biet, Director of IT at BNZSA, explained his company’s need for a quality call service that was capable of operating in several countries using local numbers. What’s more, having unified communications has helped the company with its European expansion.

“The main challenge was to find a system that would give us sufficient quality, continuous service, and no interruptions to calls. At first, we were using another provider, and it was difficult for us to reach these standards. Colt has played a very important role here as since we started working with them, we haven’t had any problems.”

Alex Biet, IT Director at BNZSA

BNZSA has consolidated its growth with Colt’s services

BNZSA’s business involves putting its clients in contact with their potential clients. It’s about generating leads, which means securing the contact details of these potential buyers. As a result, their clients save time on sales work and refine their targets. When the company started out in 2013, it had seven employees. However, over the past few years it has seen meteoric growth. Today, there are two hundred employees, and the main contact centre is located on the outskirts of Madrid with offices in the United Kingdom, France, and Morocco.

The company has been working with Colt since 2017 through the Acacia TI consultancy. Alex Biet, Director of IT at BNZSA, as well as being the man who’s responsible for the uptime of the entire infrastructure, from local servers to telephone lines, explains the importance of technological solutions for the firm. “Our business uses Colt products almost entirely. Making calls is an essential part of our everyday business”, he emphasizes. “Colt provides us with the SIP Trunk (VoIP) service. And we have a dedicated connection with Colt, over which we have another SIP Trunk over VPN”.

BNZSA only works in the B2B market and only with clients in the IT industry. Its specialisation is one of the keys to its rapid growth. Its clients include some of the best-known IT brands. However, it also works with smaller companies. Its workforce includes 80 agents in Spain and a further 50 in Morocco, plus dozens of employees at its European offices. What’s more, the company carries out campaigns in fourteen languages using native speaking staff.

However, all the calls, regardless of the agent’s location, are made from Spain. That’s why the company uses multi-country SIP Trunking. “As we have offices in England and France, we can give agents numbers from these countries. This means that the clients you call respond better”, says Biet. The Director of IT emphasises that the calling system has to guarantee quality in every way — no interruptions, voice clarity, adequate volume — and rates Colt’s service standards highly. What’s more, the VoIP system cuts the cost of voice services.

The continuity of a quality call service is critical to BNZSA’s business. Biet points out that an outage of an hour or half an hour could entail a major loss for the company. Another of BNZSA’s needs concerns unified communication in all the countries in which it operates. It’s a company that’s branching out into Europe and beyond. Having a single telecommunications provider such as Colt streamlines IT management and prevents potential downtime.

Adapting to working from home

Growth can be forecast and can be planned. However, BNZSA has also successfully adapted to unexpected situations, such as the lockdown imposed back in March. “When we found out we were going into lockdown, we made the decision on the Friday to send everyone home, and by Monday we already had over one hundred small-scale home offices”, says the IT Director.

At that time, there was a noticeable increase in the use of the network. “It was the people at Colt who told us that we were using more than 90% of our Internet access capacity”, Biet recalls. “We were able to increase the bandwidth without any problems. We now have a dedicated 3GB, which is more than enough for what we do”. When the lockdown and remote working began, Colt checked which of its clients were reaching the maximum levels of their contracted capacity in order to offer them the option to expand their bandwidth before reaching saturation.

Months after the first lockdown, the majority of BNZSA’s employees are still connected from their homes. Despite the sensitivity of the situation and the unprecedented nature of the circumstances, Biet is satisfied with the IT services and remarks that, “just as we demand quality from ourselves, we also demand it from our providers. And Colt delivers effectively. What’s more, it has simplified IT management for me. If I need more capacity, they are there for you. If my router crashes, they call me to see what has happened”.

The client-provider relationship is fostered through cooperation with Colt’s partner Acacia TI. The firm is personally dedicated to BNZSA and also provides consulting services. The result is the responsiveness required for the progress of the company’s business. “Acacia TI helps us a lot because we’re not a company that signs up for Internet access and then doesn’t speak to the provider for another fifteen years. We’re continuously progressing, and we change projects quickly. And needs also change”, emphasizes Biet. “I don’t think a month goes by without me contacting Acacia TI to ask a question, or to request something”, he adds.

At the moment, BNZSA makes 150 hours of calls (measured in connected time or talk time) every day, totalling around 3,500 hours per month. This is a considerable volume, which is managed from the head office in Madrid. They have their own servers there, which route all the traffic. The company currently plans to continue operating locally and isn’t considering a migration to the cloud. However, it does have other technological challenges ahead.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, BNZSA’s idea was to open an office in Asia in order to make inroads into the market. The situation caused by COVID-19 has brought this to a standstill for now. Of course, it isn’t ideal to open up an office and for everyone to work from home. That said, the goal is still in the company’s sights, and BNZSA wants to find a solution to connect the European offices with the Asian ones. “The challenge here would be to have unified communication. Colt can play a key role in this because it boasts a global network and can help us with our future plans”, Biet concludes. Of course, the company will have to wait, as with many pending projects today, for the situation to get back to normal.

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To reach the whole of Europe using local number calls originating in Spain, as well as sustaining traffic growth


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