Bram Troost

Inside Sales Executive, Amsterdam

I’ve been playing electronic dance music as a DJ for 20 years and producing it for about 15. During that time, I’ve released an album, several top 20 remixes and played in some of the best techno clubs in Holland and abroad. I’m working on my second album at the moment. It takes a lot of commitment but I love being busy with something that makes not only myself, but others happy. I’ll never get bored of seeing people dancing to my music; there’s something very special in knowing that what you do is having such an impact on how people feel.

My role at Colt and producing music both need creativity and multitasking. As an Inside Sales Executive, you’re actually part of several teams at the same time, working with sales and several other departments to make sure the customer’s details and wishes are converted into an order. Compiling a final track involves mixing multiple samples and sounds, just as completing an order requires coordinating with different teams and using various tools. I know that my music makes people dance and I hope that processing an order makes the customers happy (and maybe dance a little too). Both bring a positive vibe and inspire me to keep looking towards the next opportunity with the Colt sales team!

Bram Troost | Inside Sales Executive | Amsterdam