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Building a network for the future

Many of you already on the digital transformation journey will be seeing a clear shift towards a cloud-based infrastructure, for both storage and applications. More and more IT decision makers are connecting to datacentres, and the vast majority are already moving applications into the cloud. This transition is placing greater demand on the network in terms of latency and bandwidth, and is in fact changing the role of the network itself, making it a more integral part of the cloud and mission critical for business.

Although the demand for bigger and better bandwidth fits well with Colt’s assets—we offer connectivity to around 680 of the most sought after data centres globally with over 24,000 on-net buildings and growing—the fact is that lots of operators invest in their networks. But what Colt is doing is a whole new build, introducing a new multi-terabit optical backbone and accompanying packet-based network optimised for up to 100Gbps connectivity. This is delivering lower latency and higher bandwidth to 30 major metro centres around the world, and direct connections to clouds from major providers including Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

What we’re talking about is having the right bandwidth in the right locations, with a uniform experience that gives the customer what they want, when they want it. You order a service in the UK and you order a service in Tokyo and you get the same experience. The experience is the wrapper that goes around these assets, and it’s something every company in every industry can leverage for business gain, but not all do so successfully. Depending on your business, a good customer experience can translate into higher customer retention; faster revenue growth; the ability to command a price premium; lower operating costs; less regulatory pressure; and more engaged employees.

A good example of this is Southwest Airlines, for which a good customer experience turned into 43 consecutive years of profitability. What’s more, according to Forrester Research this can mean a 5.1x revenue growth for customer experience leaders over laggards.

Colt ticks most of the boxes I mentioned; and certainly all the ones that are relevant. We don’t seek to command a price premium because our network investments mean we can deliver a better product more competitively and make our customers’ lives easier.

Powered by cutting edge technologies focused on virtualisation and driven by software, the network itself becomes a powerful tool that is used on a per-drink basis in line with cloud applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) that businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on.

It’s the disruptors that write the history books. You only need to look at the news to see incumbents in the taxi sector suffering at the hands of Uber, or hotels feeling pain from AirBnB. This is the same model Colt is offering your business—a cutting edge network which you can manage as much or as little as you need to increase your own efficiencies and capabilities. As it turns 25 years old Colt is going back to its start-up roots, causing a major disruption in the telecoms market with an on-demand, elastic, high-bandwidth, customer-focused network.

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