CAPCOM adopt Colt Wave to connect game servers

A stable connection and low latency services are essential to thrive in the gaming industry

CAPCOM, headquartered in Osaka, is a leading video game manufacturer which has developed some of the world’s most popular video games such as “Street Fighter II” and “Resident Evil (BIOHAZARD)”.

“In the field of online gaming, response time is one of the most critical factors to ensuring customer satisfaction. With Colt’s low latency and stable network, we are able to ensure excellent customer experience.”
Megumu Meguro, Assistant Manager of Service Infrastructure Team, CAPCOM CO., LTD

As a pioneer in the field, it has created many popular games and continues to develop smash hits in and out of Japan. The company’s network connected their front-end system with the inhouse developed game server and back-end services. However with the relocation of the data centre that hosted the game server. It became necessary to search for a new network that could stably connect all three services. Initially, they were using another company’s VPN to connect, but they were worried that latency issues would arise in the event of a bandwidth shortage. Users access the back-end services for account authentication, billing and to log in and out of the game server. There are many different types of devices users can use to access the back-end via the game server. Since the time required for interserver cooperation is proportional to the user’s waiting time, reviewing the network environment periodically is imperative to ensure good customer satisfaction. “In online gaming, there is a close relationship between the time taken for system processing and user experience. Thus we have to consider how to shorten the time required for processing and how to reduce the time taken for system responses to travel across our network. For CAPCOM introducing a stable network with less latency was essential.” Mr Meguro recalls.

Why Colt

To ensure a stable connection between their data centre and office, CAPCOM introduced Colt’s high bandwidth leased line service; Colt Wave. The bandwidth of their previous carrier’s VPN was only 100Mbps, this was insufficient. When introducing Colt Wave, they increased their bandwidth to 10Gbps.

Connectivity overview

“During peak times the number of concurrent connections to the game server may exceed 100,000 due to the rapid increase in access immediately after a service release or maintenance. The Colt IQ Network ensures sufficient bandwidth during peak times so that we can provide a stable service without users waiting for our services. We are able to operate with confidence and without trouble since introducing Colt Wave,” Mr Meguro expressed with satisfaction. Furthermore, in online gaming, the more titles and content stored on the game server, the more account information will be required by the backend services. “As back-end services are offered for multiple titles, it will become even more important as a platform for online service provision, ensuring network stability is indispensable for realizing an excellent user experience” Mr Meguro emphasizes. In addition, as the backend service contains users personal information, it is necessary to pursue even stronger security than the game server. “Because Colt Wave can connect sites in a completely closed environment, we could be sure that the Colt solution was high security in nature,” added Mr Meguro.

Future plans CAPCOM plans to further strengthen its IT infrastructure to expand their online services. In the future, they will also focus on developing online services for overseas users, especially in North America. As they expand it becomes necessary not only to deal with the increase in their number of users but also to comply with local regulations in each country including the EU general data protection rule (GDPR). “We will continue to expand content for future online use, regardless if it’s domestically or overseas. For that, we would like Colt to support the provision of various services and games by using their low latency and stable network,” Said Mr Meguro.




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To deliver a high bandwidth, low latency and high response network that is secure


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