Cheuk Yin Yung

Marketing Executive, Japan

I’m from Hong Kong and I moved to Tokyo about six years ago, so one of my favourite things to do in my holidays and weekends is to travel around Japan, to explore the country. When I first moved, it was on a working holiday programme. I’d always loved the Japanese language and culture, so it made sense to come over here. It was really difficult at the beginning –  my Japanese was not great so the language barrier was my biggest challenge.

My experience at Colt is really precious to me. Since joining as a new graduate I have been offered opportunities that I may not have had elsewhere, in particular the experience of coordinating global events across Asia, London and the US. My Japanese has got better and better so i can speak with my colleagues and clients in their own language. Not only that, but I have gained friends here as well. I feel that my network in Japan is growing and I know more and more people, people who are friends as well as colleagues. we hang out on weekends, we have dinner after work. I feel like my work and life balance well.

Cheuk Yin Yung | Marketing Executive | Japan