Streamlined processes and optimised costs for Chiyoda Corporation

Colt has a variety of services to choose from and the versatility to provision a network that fits our requirements. Colt’s IQ Network enables our IT Management Unit to provide our users with a hassle-free system environment while streamlining our processes and optimizing costs. We’re very satisfied with what Colt has helped us achieve.Daisuke Ishino, Corporate ICT Section, IT Management Unit, Chiyoda Corporation


IQ Solution 1: Colt Dedicated Cloud Access brings viability to big data analysis on AWS


Business challenge

Chiyoda Corporation specializes in constructing facilities for utilities, biochemistry, environmental technology, and other industries in more than 40 countries around the world. Our mission is to achieve “energy and environment in harmony”. As a frontrunner in energy-related technology, we tackle new business challenges with the aim of achieving balance between the consumption of energy and preservation of the environment through engineering. Our thermo-hydraulic analysis system collects large volumes of data on the flow of gas in pipes and ducts. This analysis system was prone to instantaneous surges in data volume, which were causing us to hit our limit in terms of capacity, cost and resources on our on-premises environment. Further complicating matters was the fact our SAP accounting system was also hosted on-premises as required by the Companies Act and Corporate Tax Act. Being legally bound to maintain records for an extended period of time created an additional drain on resources. We were also faced with the challenge of streamlining person-hours dedicated to overseeing our inhouse systems.

Why Colt

With hardware needing to be procured regularly to accommodate new specifi cations or demands, moving to the cloud was the right move for us to reduce such overhead costs. With the public cloud, we could use just what it needed when it needed. In order to make this cloud transition a success, we fi elded proposals from multiple network providers. After careful consideration, we decided Colt was the right one. They off er great performance for the money and a variety of services to choose from. Their redundant network confi guration for AWS ensures high availability. They also off ered a complete service package including router set-up. Out of all the options we looked at, Colt’s was the one that checked all of the boxes, especially in terms of confi guration and cost. Besides network implementation, we also rely on Colt for managed services and devices to signifi cantly reduce the workload of our IT division.

IQ Solution 2: Colt IP Access provides reliable backup network for the internet


Business challenge

At Chiyoda, we’ve had to deal with the headaches of Office365 access going down for hours at a time due to data centre-related trouble disrupting our internet access. This prompted a review of our network environment, through which we determined that an overhaul was needed. We decided to enhance our connectivity to stave off any future outages, as well as protect against any unforeseen incidents such as natural disasters and infrastructure trouble.

Why Colt

We felt a strong sense of urgency in resolving our connectivity issues. Our senior management team instructed our team to revamp our IT infrastructure and enhance our BCP/DR readiness at the same time. After reviewing proposals from multiple providers, we selected Colt IP Access to backup our existing internet service. Colt’s redundancy combined with their short lead times ensured smooth operations for our internal processes. Colt Internet serves our BCP needs and also handles authentication of EDI servers. They also off er burstability options that allow us to scale bandwidth up when we need it.

Future plans

The volume of data which we handle continues to increase year over year. In the past, this put a continual strain on our in-house IT requirements. Now with the cloud, we’re free to use what we need when we need it. We plan to our main systems to the cloud in the future and look forward to Colt’s proposals and solutions for our requirements when the time comes. We also plan to develop cloud-based systems for our users to access easily from anywhere in the world and hope that Colt will be there to support us with their global network.

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