Christophe Dos Santos

Voice Product Manager, Paris

Running a marathon is like throwing yourself into the dark – it’s frightening. Professional coaches say you should never run the marathon distance in training, only on the day, because it’s too much for the body to handle. Imagine, I’d only ever run 25 kilometres before, so during the marathon when I arrived at that mile, I thought, this is it. Every step now is something new, something I’d never done before, every step after 25 kilometres is pushing my limits again and again until I cross the finish line. I like challenges like that, I like throwing myself into the dark. And as a Product Manager at Colt, I get to do that every day.

I don’t think I would have made it through the race without my friends. After we finished we couldn’t feel our legs for three days – we were lying on the hotel bed, all cramped up, saying we’d never do it again.

I’m doing to run another one in Bordeaux in April.

Christophe Dos Santos | Voice Product Manager | Paris