Colt and Oracle: Improved customer engagement with cloud connectivity

Cloud adoption is critical to providing businesses with the agility they need in order to service the increasingly stringent and changeable demands of their customer base. In our digitally enabled world, the ability to identify, respond to, and exceed the expectations of consumers is the difference between business success and failure, and it is a battle which many companies are not currently winning.

As the Forrester Customer Experience Index suggests, the quality of the customer experience provided by 287 US brands during 2018 continued to remain stagnant – just 37 businesses surveyed enjoyed statistically significant CX score increases, while 40 suffered a decrease on last year’s result.{1} This suggests that many businesses are not doing enough to address the sometimes unpredictable demands of their customers, thus putting themselves at risk of an uncertain future.

Part of the answer to business’ customer experience headaches could potentially lie in the adoption of cloud services. Forrester analyst James Staten highlighted this point in a recent blog:

‘If you are looking to drive disruptive innovations that position you as the market leader in the future of your industry, start in the cloud, as the market leaders provide rich, rapidly evolving tech innovation chains that grant pay-per-use access to existing and emerging technologies.’{2}

The ability to access cloud services is, therefore, a key consideration for businesses looking to drive efficiencies, improve their customer engagement, and ultimately find success as an organisation.

This is why Colt has added Oracle to its flourishing ecosystem of cloud providers. Our customers can now leverage Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access service to connect to Oracle Cloud’s leading edge capabilities through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, in order to give themselves the agility they need to service the ever changing requirements of their own clients. The solution offers customers with a secure, reliable private network connection from their premises directly into the Oracle Cloud, and further cements Colt’s position as a leading provider of connectivity to a wide range of major cloud providers.

So while it may seem daunting to try and service the ever demanding customer of today, by partnering with a connectivity provider that can enable your direct access to the cloud, it not only gives your business an organisational advantage but it also keeps you ahead of the curve when it comes to customer engagement.

 Bo Duim is the Global Director for Business Development & Partner Ecosystem at Colt



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