Colt enhances pan-European VoIP services

London, 5 December 2013Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, today announced a range of enhancements to its market leading SIP trunking service, Colt VoIP Access. The comprehensive feature set enables customers to take advantage of value added services, such as online VoIP reporting, built-in resiliency, disaster recovery and encryption to secure voice calls. These native encryption protocols provide customers with protection from attacks including eavesdropping and interception.

Colt’s VoIP Access removes the need for separate voice and IP networks, so customers can utilise a single converged infrastructure across their multiple sites, which reduces costs and is the key requirement for a consistent and efficient unified communications environment. The new features enable customers to more easily secure their VoIP traffic, retrieve online in-depth analysis of traffic, performance, network utilisation and generate call monitoring reports. As a result of the comprehensive resiliency now available, including multiple trunks and Points of Presence (PoP), redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities such as call diversion to an IP address, customers benefit from a highly available and reliable VoIP service.

Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil, research director, telecommunications at IDC EMEA, said, “According to IDC’s research, end users today are increasingly looking for a voice provider who not only has a robust pan European service, but increasingly one that is supported by real time reporting features and a seamless customer experience. Increasingly customers who are seeking an enhanced voice provider require guarantees that their business critical and back-office functions can be ably supported by their SIP trunking or VoIP service provider. Colt’s solutions and their cross-Europe capability means multi-branch offices can expect the same service, no matter where they operate.”

As traditional voice line services are replaced by more mature IP telephony, many users are migrating from TDM telephony to SIP-based communications to benefit from new services such as unified communications.

Colt VoIP Access is a fully-featured SIP-based voice telephony service, which connects the customer’s IP PBXs directly via a cost effective IP technology instead of expensive traditional PSTN circuits. Colt offers a variety of connectivity options which range from public internet to dedicated connectivity. The new connectivity options include Colt’s Ethernet Private Networks (EPN) and IP VPN provisioning across MPLS NNI.

With a flexible IP PBX policy for improved interoperability, Colt has certified a variety of IP PBXs from different vendors, including Microsoft Lync 2013, to ensure seamless interworking. In addition, Colt VoIP Access offers dedicated engineering support for non-certified IP PBXs to ensure full VoIP connectivity.

With Colt VoIP Access, expensive equipment can be reduced to just one single IP PBX, covering all customer sites and companies can also benefit from free calls between all sites – even across countries. That enables customers to simplify the management of both national and international voice services, improve network utilisation and reduce costs.

“Colt is committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and reliability for customers and continues to invest in providing innovative voice services that address our customers’ business needs,” said Joachim Sinzig, director of voice and reseller services at Colt. “We have thousands of business customers across Europe relying on us for their business-critical voice services. The latest enhancements to Colt VoIP Access deliver more flexibility and choice to manage their businesses across Europe efficiently”.

The enhanced Colt VoIP Access services are available in 13 countries across Europe1 with immediate effect.

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[1] Available across 13 European countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden.

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