Colt Group S.A. Interim Management Statement for the quarter ended 30 September 2014

Rakesh Bhasin, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Our lines of business established in May are enabling a more focused approach on customers, sales propositions and efficiency of operations. We have realigned our IT Services propositions and operating structure to meet the growing demand for cloud services. We have also made progress on expanding our sales resources with a view towards consistent growth. Our execution on the restructuring programmes is progressing well. We look forward to continued progression of the business and reaffirm our 2014 EBITDA guidance issued in Q1 ’14.”

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Line of Business disclosure

Case Study

SAS Global Communications Limited

SAS Global Communications Limited uses Colt’s On Demand solution to connect 2,500 users to ERP services running on AWS.

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Network encryption circuit illustrating end-to-end encryption

Network Encryption Services

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Colt wins the Cloud Infrastructure award at the WCA’s

Last week, Colt for Dedicated Cloud Access on Demand picked up the Cloud Infrastructure award at the 20th annual World Communication Awards.

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