Colt’s commitment to connectivity: network stats reach new heights in 2022

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In the same year that Colt celebrates 30 years of making extraordinary connections, it seems fitting that our network has reached some impressive milestones too. There are now over 31,000 connected buildings in the Colt IQ Network – 17,000 more than a decade ago. This includes 1,000 connected data centres all around the world.

Connecting more buildings, data centres, cities – and ultimately, people – to each other is critical for a company’s digital infrastructure. Providing them with a secure, agile and reliable network gives them the platform in which to serve customers, produce innovative products and services and hit their goals.

From Sydney to Seattle, and from Osaka to Oslo, the Colt IQ Network now spans 32 countries –connecting 222 cities via 51 metropolitan area networks (MANS). That’s 10 more countries than in 2012.

But the benchmarks don’t stop there. This commitment to connectivity is a crucial tool for the future of technologies like the metaverse and the internet of things (IoT): digital infrastructure will lay the foundations for these technologies to prosper.

All of these milestones haven’t gone unnoticed by industry analysts, either. Colt has consistently claimed second place in Vertical System Group’s global ethernet leaderboard for the past five years, demonstrating our competitive position.

Expanding our network comes part and parcel with offering industry-leading customer service. Colt sets the standards high with a net promotor score (NPS) of 73 in Europe.

If you are interested in connecting your business to the ever-growing Colt IQ Network, head to our homepage or contact our sales team today.

Colt Technology Services

26 September 2022

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