Colt pledges ‘1Gb Always’ speed

Initiative launched to meet the growing business appetite for high-bandwidth

Colt today announces its ‘1Gb Always’ commitment to  customers across 20 major European cities1, helping them to meet the growing demand for speed and bandwidth.

Colt has established ‘1Gb Always’ to help businesses innovate in a digital era, and to directly support today’s flux in IT requirements that require high speed connectivity. Infrastructure speed and performance is currently listed by 71% of European CIOs as one of the most important tech-based issues influencing their decisions around IT change.

Carl Grivner, CEO at Colt said: “The pace that today’s IT leaders must now drive change and innovation is faster than ever. Yet companies are often faced with various barriers including the bandwidth and speed available to them. And this isn’t only an issue that affects internet-based  and digital industries. The UK manufacturer’s group, EEF, rightly highlights that a fourth industrial revolution is up on us, with high speed internet having a critical bearing on the future of manufacturing industries. Regardless of sector, businesses are fast realising that a new approach is required today to help them succeed in tomorrow’s digital world.”

The new initiative provides all existing and future customers with a 1Gb bearer circuit. This means that no matter what speed they start with, bandwidth can be increased as required with no upgrade costs.

The initiative is being rolled out with immediate effect in 20 major cities across Europe, including London, Paris and Frankfurt. All other territories can still experience rapid bandwidth, at a lower ceiling of 600Mbps as standard, with 1Gbps available on a more selective basis.

Carl Grivner concludes: “Whether your business is introducing cloud services, unified comms, a BYOD policy or a new app, this can only be achieved with gigabit speed connectivity. Right now, through Colt’s network, we’ve made it possible for thousands of connected buildings to reach heightened levels of speed as standard, with the future ability to scale their network bandwidth on-demand.

“Business IP traffic is set to grow at 20% annually. Most CIOs won’t know what business needs may present themselves tomorrow, or where they need to rapidly respond to unexpected demands. For this reason we are excited by Colt’s 1Gb Always commitment to address any connectivity obstacles to innovation”.


  • Markets covered: London, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, Stuttgart, Hannover, Cologne, Lyon, Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo.
  • Notes on research methodology: 301 European senior technology decision makers completed an interview during August 2015, with an equal split for UK, French and German respondents. Of the participants surveyed, their business revenues spanned 10M to 5BN euros, with the majority ranging between 100M and 500M euros. The research was conducted by Loudhouse, an independent research agency based in London.


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