Colt provides Japan’s first Colt On Demand Services to IMAGICA Lab.

Service will allow processing of a large volume of video data in the cloud with low latency, and enhanced performance with high-bandwidth connections

Tokyo, 1 October 2018 – Colt Technology Services today announced that it will begin providing its Colt On Demand Services to IMAGICA Lab. Inc., a provider of various video production services utilizing cutting-edge, high-quality imaging techniques.

Colt On Demand Services are an on-demand software defined network (SDN) powered by the Colt IQ Network. It allows customers to control Ethernet connectivity service in real time via a dedicated portal, and to instantly regulate bandwidth requirements. Billing options include conventional fixed-term contracts, as well as flexible monthly plans based on per-hour pricing. By allowing customers to use the network as needed, this innovative service is can be adapted to sudden increases or decreases in traffic speed.

Founded in 1935, IMAGICA Lab. is Japan’s largest post-production company. The firm uses movie technology backed by over 80 years of history as well as cutting-edge, high-quality imaging techniques, and is actively pursuing global expansion including overseas distribution of Japan-originated content. The company handles dozens of terabytes of video data every week, and by introducing Colt’s low latency, high bandwidth Direct Cloud Access service (AWS Direct Connect) as part of a fully closed communication environment, allows the group to conduct video conversion work with greater performance and security than with a standard internet connection.

In addition, IMAGICA Lab. needs constant access to a high-bandwidth network in order to handle the processing of large volumes of video data. Since the company’s workload does not follow a regular schedule, the company had the issue of costs incurred even when the network was not in use.

With these factors in mind, the introduction of Colt On Demand Services provided a variety of benefits.

Content handled by the video production industry is expected to become increasingly digitized, with expansion in data volumes.

In order to convert large volumes of video data efficiently and stably and respond to the digitization of the video industry, the company looks forward to further improving their services.

Kenji Hioki, President & Regional Executive, Asia at Colt Technology Services said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to contribute to the creation of an efficient network that allows IMAGICA Lab. to upload large volumes of video data to the cloud. Going forward, to meet customer requirements, provide customers with high-quality networks, expand and enhance the efficiency of customer networks, and accelerate business growth, Colt will continue to provide support to clients with Colt On Demand Services and other products and services.”

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Case Study: IMAGICA Lab. Inc.


IMAGICA Lab. is taking a new step forward to become the image communication company, 1st Oct 2018.

Ever since our establishment in 1935, each and every employee is instilled with the spirit of continual study and searching amid the ever-changing image industry.

Even after over 80 years, our philosophy hasn’t changed.

From image archiving that passes down image from the past to the future to cutting-edge image services of the future such as AR and VR, IMAGICA Lab. connects time through image.

In the image industry that changes with the times, IMAGICA Lab. will design professional and creative solutions built together with our customers using the latest technologies as well as future video communications from a variety of angles with our many business partners.

Shouldering this is each and every employee, delivering to each and every customer.

We strive to create the communication and the value designed by people, image, and technology in the future. A new history of image starts at IMAGICA Lab.

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