Colt reinforces its Colt IQ network into Antwerp, Rotterdam and the Hague

Colt further expands IQ Network in Europe, strengthening key metro’s in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

This expansion signals Colt’s continued support for the digital transformation of local and global businesses, ensuring they can meet the network demands of the future.

 Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 19 June 2020 Colt Technology Services has today announced that is has extended connectivity into Antwerp, Rotterdam and in The Hague to ensure it can meet the global and local connectivity demands of enterprises. As part of this expansion, Colt has completed the deployment of its Colt IQ Network into Antwerp, Rotterdam and the Hague, striving to support the current and future demands of enterprises in in Belgium and the Netherlands. The network upgrades enhance the capacity and performance capability of the Colt IQ Network footprint. This major network investment will give businesses direct access to + 100Gbps connectivity services. They also have access to the full Colt portfolio including SDN based services like Colt on-demand services.

Colt has deployed optical and packet infrastructure into the existing Colt nodes, and Colt is now connecting key datacenters in these cities. Customers can now benefit from the different services of Colt like Wave, Ethernet Line, Ethernet H&S and Ethernet VPN services over IQ Network in these Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). The Colt IQ Network is a perfect enabler for 5G and edge computing.

Colt has extended connectivity into Antwerp, Rotterdam and in The Hague, ensuring the Colt IQ Network will cover the main cloud aggregation points in Belgium, in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. By reinforcing the Colt IQ Network in this Belgian city with the largest concentration of digital ecosystems, Colt can further serve the global connectivity needs of local and multinational companies headquartered in the 3 countries. The improved connectivity in these areas will also support businesses in the region by enabling agile, on-demand, high bandwidth connectivity and adding diverse, resilient routes in these crucial markets. The Colt IQ Network currently connects the key business hubs across Europe, Asia and North America, connecting to more than 29,000 buildings and over 900 data centres worldwide.

Over the last three years, Colt has been investing heavily in expanding its Colt IQ Network to meet increasing demands for higher capacity. This latest expansion will enable all of Colt’s IQ Network capabilities to be accessed across Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Frankfurt, creating new opportunities for enterprises with operations in Europe, Asia and America.

Floris Veulemans, Sales Manager Wholesale Benelux, Colt Technology Services, says: “Over the years, demand for our network services has grown significantly in Belgium, in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The evolving landscape requires us to become more flexible, to improve our time to market and to bring innovation to our customers faster than ever. The Benelux market is very important to Colt, and we are extending our presence in this market to support enterprises working in Belgium and the Netherlands have access to Colt’s agile, on-demand, high bandwidth network and communications services to drive their businesses forward.”

“In Luxembourg, customers will benefit from our unique, purpose-built, intelligent network which is fully integrated with the cloud. This means connectivity to one Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and to 7 data centres, with over 99 connected buildings in Luxembourg. The cloud is already playing a critical role for businesses today, so at Colt in order to harness the power of the cloud, we know that enterprises require a network that is as responsive and powerful as the technology it is aiming to support – and that’s the IQ Network,” he concluded.

The new IQ Network routing from Brussels – Luxembourg – Frankfurt, also creates the shortest fibre route for IQ Network between London and Frankfurt.

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