Colt to revamp Japanese network infrastructure

Tokyo, 26 October 2016 – Colt, a leading international network and ICT provider, today announced a major revamp of its advanced fibre-optic network, as well as extensive Layer 2 network expansion in Japan. This will enable high-bandwidth services with speeds ranging from 10Gbps up to 100Gbps on mass scale, with greater routes and diversity.

The phased expansion of both available services and coverage areas is slated to begin in January 2017. This overhaul is driven by the continued growth of network traffic manifesting in the form of video streaming, cloud services, smartphone market penetration, and other data-rich consumption channels. Industries such as FinTech are also seeing the creation of new
business models stemming from the digitization of operations.

The next generation of data hungry mobile networking also looms, with 5G rollouts coming in 2020. New technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are generating far greater pools of information, which in turn will create significant pressure on the ICT industry to provide equally greater infrastructure to handle them.
Cloud service providers, financial organizations, content distributors, and even ISPs all increasingly require backbone networks with greater reliability, higher capacity, and speeds greater than 10Gbps. Furthermore, recent years have seen a drop in high-bandwidth costs, as well as business-wide adoption of high-bandwidth networks. Colt is moving swiftly with their revamp in order to provide immediate response to the predicted increase in network traffic and subsequent market-generated demand.

Colt’s fibre-optic and L2 network enhancements will further boost the company’s ability to serve from its established strengths – ultra-low-latency, high quality, and burstability.

Service Expansion Details
Colt Leased Line Service (Fibre-Optic Network)
・ Added service availability in metro area networks with speeds up to 100Gbps and
quick service initiation
・ Multi-route diversity for protected connectivity between Tokyo and Osaka, and
between cable stations (Chikura and Maruyama) and metro area networks
・ 50% increase in number of POPs (including both data centre and other nodes)
・ Service launch: January 2017 (sequential addition of coverage areas)

etherXEN (L2 Network)
・ Increase in etherXEN service areas offering bandwidth up to 10Gbps
・ Backbone capacity expandability up to 100Gbps with high-bandwidth services
available on short lead times
・ Service launch: 2017 Q2

About Colt

Colt Technology Services provides on-demand network and communications services to information– intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America. Founded in 1992, there are over 5000 Colt people in local offices across 28 countries. Customers include 18 of the top 25 bank and diversified financial groups and 19 out of the top 25 companies in both global media and telecoms industries (Forbes 2000 list, 2014). In addition, Colt works with over 50 exchange venues and 13 European central banks. Colt provides businesses with reliable business grade services backed by the right choice of technology, service and commercials. When it matters, customers choose Colt.

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