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Earlier this month, Colt attended and participated as a Platinum Sponsor at Oracle Open World Europe (OOW) in London. This annual event is one of the largest for Oracle Customers and their Partner ecosystem – this year attracting over 14,000 visitors from all over the world.

The event focussed on the power of technology, digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, smart cities and of course how much of this will be hosted in the cloud.

As the only network connectivity partner participating at the event, it was a busy few days for Colt; no surprise given the increasing importance of connectivity when it comes to delivering on the next generation of technologies and enabling successful cloud migrations.

Without flexible, secure and reliable high-bandwidth network connectivity it is impossible to guarantee a first-class enterprise-grade experience to and in the cloud. As more and more on-premise mission critical applications, workloads and databases are migrated, network and connectivity are quite rightly seen as the cornerstones of any cloud platform.

Before people arrived at the event they can’t have missed our advertising at London City Airport and then at the event itself, we hosted two very successful breakout sessions with Oracle.

Presented by Michael South, Director Network On Demand, Product Management at Colt and Clive D’Souza, Oracle’s Senior Director for Product Management, they discussed the benefits of moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the connectivity challenges associated with Cloud migrations and the importance of connectivity when it comes to migrating workloads. The highlight was the unique value to OCI migrations that Colt’s On Demand connectivity brings  – portal consumed, near real-time provisioning of secure, end to end, flexible, high-bandwidth connectivity supported by a consumption-based billing model. Several hundred people attended the two sessions and it’s fair to say the message was well received.

Alongside these sessions we announced exciting news, extending our partnership with Oracle by providing dedicated, private and on-demand access to Oracle Cloud through OCI FastConnect. Combining secure, reliable, high bandwidth connectivity, backed by an enterprise-grade SLA with the flexibility of Colt On Demand, Oracle customers planning a move to OCI can now benefit from a faster, more secure and and more successful end to end migration experience.

It was a brilliant few days at Oracle Open World, with plenty of engaging conversations and meetings on the stand and throughout the event. The relationship between Colt and Oracle around OCI goes back a good few years and, as enterprises realise the importance of flexible, connectivity to the success of Oracle Cloud projects, it will only continue to strengthen.

Click here for the press release.

John Armenakas, Global Principal- Strategic Partnerships, Colt Technology Services

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