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September is a month where Colties take time to give time.

This month, our employees in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dalian took time off to give back to the society. Our volunteers conducted various activities as a part of our CSR to contribute to the local communities in each of our business locations in Asia.

Japan office: Hosted a 90-minute interaction session with YouMeWe, where we held a session on how the internet works and prepared a pop quiz for junior high school students. Other volunteers did a clean-up near the office, collecting over 10 bags of trash.

Dalian office: Visited an autistic children’s centre to share food and spent time with them. Also, volunteers went to Xinghai park and cleaned the beach where they collected 80 bags of trash, and others collected 246 books and 556 clothes for donation.

Singapore office: Did a beach clean-up collecting 8 bags of trash.

Hong Kong office: Volunteers spent half a day preparing 480 donation bags for Heep Hong Society for their flag day preparation.

Colt’s vision is “Connectivity Matters”, and by “connecting” customers, we are able to impact the lives and businesses worldwide. An important mission for us is to “connect” people in the regions where we operate. As a company with operations around the world, Colt conducts a variety of CSR activities in many countries where we have offices, with the aim of having employees in their home countries practice Colt’s values through CSR activities.

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