Dan Cole

Talent Acquisition Manager, London

At 18, I decided not to go to university and to take a different route instead: I joined the Royal Marines. I’d had enough of education and I wasn’t really a keen student, so joining the military ended up being a very good option. I was in the Marines for six years. It was very much a formative experience:  I had to grow up very quickly because I was surrounded by these older guys who were much more mature and worldy than I was. It certainly transformed me as an individual.

I still have the green beret that you get when you complete your Marines training. I think one of the things that I’m most proud of is completing that training, I can’t describe how tough it was. It’s famously the longest basic infantry training in the world – eight months of blood, sweat and tears, and I really mean all three. But it set me up for the rest of my life. I learned the basic principles that I still live my life by now and apply to my work at Colt. Looking back, I have no regrets about it at all.

Dan Cole | Talent Acquisition Manager | London