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DefinedCrowd enlists Colt to connect with its smart data platform

Everyone is talking about the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but most pay less attention to the driving force behind this technology: data. Specifically, data quality, which is essential to training AI algorithms. DefinedCrowd saw a business opportunity here and the company was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating an efficient system for turning unstructured training data into structured, high-quality datasets.

DefinedCrowd works with large volumes of cloud data that require reliable high-speed connectivity, which they entrusted to Colt. This service enables it to access and manage its smart data platform, which collects, structures and enriches data in order to train machine learning models. The source of the data can have two different origins. Clients can provide the data for DefinedCrowd to structure, or they can request the collection of data.

Availability is very important, especially in companies like ours, who depend on communication. This availability, as well as reliability, are the most important factors, and Colt is capable of providing them. I really see Colt as a partner, not just as a supplier.Ricardo Gusmão, IT & Information Security Manager

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Colt Technology Services

09 May 2019


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