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Colt is supporting Dentaid’s digital transformation and internationalisation process through its communications services

Since 1980, the Dentaid Group has been focusing on improving people’s oral health through cutting-edge solutions in the hands of dentists, dental hygienists and pharmacists. Innovation, strict standards, commitment and responsibility with respect to people’s oral and dental health are the firm’s guiding principles. The main components of the group are Dentaid, which produces chemical solutions (topical fluoride, toothpaste) and sells physical and chemical products; PHB, which sells physical and chemical solutions; and Medical Devices, responsible for the manufacturing of physical products (manual and electric toothbrushes as well as irrigators).

Dentaid’s customers are clinics, pharmacies, parapharmacies, large supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers. Its salesforce is divided into medical visit teams, that look to win prescriptions, and teams that visit pharmacies. The company has a Spanish workforce of more than 400 people, and in 2017 surpassed the threshold of €100 million invoiced for the first time.

The group currently faces two key challenges in its future. One is the digital transformation that will lead it to upgrade to a cloud-based technological architecture and the other is its internationalisation process, demonstrated by the opening of European (Germany, France, Holland and Italy) and Latin American (Colombia, Chile and Peru) branches.

In July 2017, in conjunction with Colt, the company started a new project to improve communications, incorporating the Colt IP VPN Plus and Colt IP Access services. The first phase of the deployment involved providing Internet access and connecting headquarters, branches and offices via MPLS.


This change has brought an improvement in capabilities that has led Dentaid to broaden its horizons, making a significant investment in communications in order to orient the business toward the future.

‘The path to the cloud is a progressive process because we are designing it at the same time as the internationalisation process. We are going to try to use the same tools and resources at all of our subsidiaries, making these accessible on the cloud by means of reliable, robust and scalable communications.’ For Dentaid, management and maintenance make the difference. ‘Colt is a global communications operator with many strengths, but what we are looking for in this case is service. In this sense, the business service and customer service that Colt provides us is highly satisfactory.’

Future plans for our ICT infrastructure are increasingly directed at the Cloud-First concept. Therefore, we will increasingly need a communications partner capable of evolving alongside us in this cloud strategy, while supporting us in our internationalisation process at the same time.Rafael Sarrión ICT Manager at Dentaid

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