‘With no digital infrastructure, there’ll be no metaverse’: IDC’s Perspective on Colt’s Analyst Day

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Earlier this year we hosted our annual Analyst Day, inviting some of the industry’s prominent thought leaders and experts to hear what’s coming from Colt in the near future.

One of those analysts was James Eibisch, research director in IDC’s EMEA Telecoms & Networking research group, who produced an IDC Market Perspective from the day*: an exec summary with analytical commentary.

His opinion on Colt’s future is a bright one, believing that our approaches to digital infrastructure, the consumption-based connectivity model and our preparedness for the metaverse means we will not only be prepared for technology’s next stage in its digital evolution – we will be industry-leading.

Reassured by Colt’s innovation and proactive approach to emerging trends, Eibisch reported how the majority of our investment is in our future growth category, where on-demand consumption is front and centre. A customer’s ability to order a product or service as and when they need it is becoming the norm, and Colt was one of the first to set this trend. This method was unheard of five years ago, but digital infrastructure companies that can automate and solve connectivity needs are vital for businesses to meet objectives and stay agile.

Though few of us know precisely how the metaverse will eventually form, without stable, scalable digital infrastructure, it won’t have the bedrock in which to flourish. Eibisch identifies Colt as being a key player in this emerging field and warns other digital infrastructure companies to keep up with developments or risk being left behind. From security to sales, from artificial intelligence to API integration, the metaverse possesses potential almost too huge to fathom. Still, Eibisch has faith that Colt is in the right position as a platform for this emerging digital reality that could change the way we live forever.

Read the full IDC report here.

*IDC, Colt Updates on Strategy, Services and Sustainability, doc #EUR149579922, August 2022

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