Digital Transformation

The business requirements of today have never been more fast-paced.

This is why Colt has accelerated its ambition of being the leader in enabling our customers’ digital transformation, by delivering tailored connectivity solutions that meet customers’ requirements.

Whether it be facilitating businesses shift to the cloud, or supporting high bandwidth connectivity to the more than 850 data centres and 26,000 on-net buildings that make up the Colt IQ Network to power the next way of business growth, Colt moves at the speed of business to ensure that you have a partner to assist in whatever your company needs.

Case Study
TelServ Logo: full-service inbound number delivery services for TelServ


Of all TelServ’s operator partners worldwide, none does more than Colt to simplify the global business of full-service inbound number delivery…

Related Product
Optical fibre illustration


Wave services enable high bandwidth network connections to be deployed quickly and easily over Colt IQ network.


How to crack the code of digital transformation

To crack the code of digital transformation, businesses can’t transform for the sake of it, rather they need to understand the purpose of the process.

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