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Voice services can no longer be considered a commodity. You have to be sure that your voice service supports and underpins your business as you go through the significant changes the digital economy will bring.

So how important is it to migrate to Voice over IP? VoIP eases the deployment of a centralised IP PBX for multiple sites, enabling home working and offering affordable resilient mirroring architectures. It will also cope with more standard network connections (IP or Ethernet) avoiding expensive synchronous TDM transport solutions.

As businesses become increasingly flexible, often working in dispersed locations, they have to foster internal and external collaboration and co-operation over large distances and different timezones in order to remain efficient.

But to deliver the quality required, cloud-based telephony and collaboration services need to be offered in conjunction with network services. Outsourced solutions should provide an improved customer experience in terms of flexibility, functionality and self-management capability, while still preserving, or enhancing, security.

Ultimately, building an end to end Unified Communication solution does not usually involve a single entity and requires the cooperation of multiple providers combining their effort to deliver end to end expertise. Finding the right solution means leveraging everyone’s expertise, but keeping a close eye on the end-to-end outcome that they are working toward achieving.