Eileen Hupp

Social Media Executive, Düsseldorf

My two biggest passions are horses and travelling. And a few years ago, I thought: why not combine both? Since then, I’ve travelled more than 2000km in 14 countries on horseback.

This style of travelling enables me to discover places that the average tourist never gets to see, and I get unique insights into the everyday life of the locals. During my trips, I stay with locals in small villages, farms, and monasteries, or camp in the wilderness. Every day is an adventure and a learning experience. I’ve galloped above the clouds, cut my way with a machete through overgrown paths in the cloud forest, won a competition with a borrowed horse in the Namibian desert, and appeared in an Indian TV show.

These experiences teach me a lot about other cultures, lifestyles and mentalities. It makes me appreciate the diversity of our world even more, and embrace it in my everyday life, including my job.

Every day, I travel virtually by connecting with colleagues from all over the world. I think our biggest asset is our people, and with their different backgrounds, they bring very valuable insights and perspectives into the business.

Together, we are galloping towards the same goal, using everyone’s diversity, and freedom to speak up, be heard and thrive.