Enabling Oracle Cloud Adoption

The Growth of the Cloud

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, businesses need to free themselves from the limitations of legacy IT infrastructure. The days of purchasing hardware and maintaining massive data centres to run IT have to end. Managing and maintaining infrastructure is simply too expensive.

Cloud adoption has become a key enabler for Enterprises Digital Transformation as customers are looking for subscription-based services for increased agility, accessibility, mobility, scalability
and, time to market by leveraging Cloud economics. To achieve that Enterprises, need to quickly modernise operations with lower cloud costs and improve efficiency. They can now successfully migrate critical workloads to Cloud that not only lower ongoing operations costs but also improve upon their performance.

In 2020 Sify Digital Services formed a partnership with Colt Technology Services that enable enterprises across Europe to rapidly adopt public hybrid cloud. The combined expertise of both organisations brings together best practices for strategy, design architecture, execution and network connectivity as one team for the migration of applications and databases with assurances on mitigation of change risks.

To put our claims to the test and with the support of Oracle, Colt and Sify conducted a proof of concept (POC) using Oracle Cloud. Using an on-premises production workload, our objective was to demonstrate the cost benefits with the ease of the migration process when integrated with Colt On Demand connectivity service to Cloud.

The results proved to show how easy it can be to avoid additional expenditure and complexity by working alongside a team of experts & partners who can deliver digital transformation quickly and reliably, utilising a secure, flexible and highly performant network that will deliver better outcomes for database and application transformations.

Download our whitepaper today to see the results of our Proof of Concept.

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