uCPE: The evolution of the intelligent network and the future of SD WAN

Why do we need uCPE?

uCPE, or Universal Customer Premises Equipment, is a general-purpose platform that integrates compute, storage and networking into a commodity, off-the-shelf server, providing network services as virtual functions to any site on a network.

uCPE is a rapidly growing market, one that is projected to grow from $7.7m in 2017 to $1.02b in 2022, according to IHS Market. Where once networks would rely on specialised hardware to deliver services - a router, a firewall, a WAN optimsier - that functionality is now provided virtually as software. Everything can be controlled with a universal CPE, placed in a central branch location.

In our whitepaper, we've collated all you need to get ahead with uCPE:

  • Why does the modern network need an evolution to universal CPE?
  • What benefits does shifting to Virtual Network Functions represent?
  • How combining technologies with uCPE can lead to a software defined edge
  • The next steps of the intelligent network

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What is Universal CPE?

Universal CPE is to telco networks what the App Store is to Smartphones. Neutral, 100% software, and always driving new applications. Our Guide dives into the development of this technology, what it means, and how you can take advantage of it.

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Colt's uCPE solution

This initial roll-out will include VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) for Colt’s Versa SD-WAN services and Checkpoint unmanaged firewall. We will look at adding more network services towards the end of the year and through 2020. We are one of the first providers in the industry to offer uCPE, and we’ve teamed up with our partner, ADVA, to develop this.

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SD WAN (Software Defined WAN) changes the game, enabling business customers to cope with the explosion in bandwidth demand by combining dedicated data connections with less expansive broadband links in their wide area network.

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