Fahim Sabir

Technical Director, London

I think the most exciting project I’ve worked on at Colt is the one I’m on at the moment, which is a network-on-demand platform for our customers. It’s slightly strange because when I first joined Colt, about twelve years ago now, one of the first tasks I was given was to make the order journey better and more automated.

We just didn’t have the capabilities to do it before, but now, as this project is finishing up, I can look back and see that we’ve achieved that ambitious vision we had twelve years ago. It’s very satisfying. I’m not someone who innovates for innovation’s sake, I always think about whether a new feature or product is something that I’d actually want if I was a customer. These days, most companies out there have got the tech, so it’s the service that will set you apart. I use myself as a yardstick for customers, because I am a very, very fussy customer. Well, I’m less now than I used to be – I used to get pretty shouty, pretty quickly, but my wife has mellowed me out, which is nice.

Fahim Sabir | Technical Director | London