Fahim Sabir

Technical Director, London

I think the most exciting project I’ve worked on at Colt is the one I’m working on at the moment, which is a network-on-demand platform for our customers. It’s a groundbreaking platform. It really changes the game for how people access our services – things that used to take days to deliver now take minutes. I think it’s so satisfying to look at where you work and know that we’re truly innovators in the market, we’re at the forefront of new technology.

I’m not someone who innovates for innovation’s sake, I always thing about whether a new feature or product is something I’d actually want if I was a customer. These days, most companies out there have got the tech, so it’s the service that will set you apart. I use myself as a yardstick for customers, because I’m a very, very fussy customer. Well, I’m less now that I used to be – my wife has mellowed me out, which is nice.

Fahim Sabir | Technical Director | London