Fira De Barcelona connects their Gran Via and Montjuïc venues

Since 2009, Fira de Barcelona has utilized the Ethernet services provided by Colt to guarantee Internet access to their exhibitors and organizers

Fira de Barcelona also connects their Gran Via and Montjuïc venues through Colt.

Fira de Barcelona is one of the most important trade fair institutions in Europe, hosting more than 120 trade fairs and congresses from top economic sectors, as well as high-profile corporate, social and cultural events. It has two venues: Montjuïc and Gran Vía (3.5 kilometres apart) with nearly 400,000 m2 of exhibition floor space over 13 pavilions, plus two congress centres.

With a  revenue of more than €167 million in 2016, Fira de Barcelona’s annual contribution to the economy of the City of Barcelona and its surrounding area is estimated at over €2,600 million with the creation of more than 40,000 direct and indirect jobs, as well as generating social and public value.

“This scenario presents two key challenges when managing the activity of the organisation. The first being the capacity to provide an uninterrupted Internet connection catering for the demands of the exhibitors and all the activities of the events that we host. The second is the capacity to guarantee connectivity between the Montjuïc and Gran Via venues, and to the international head offices and offices of our organizers and/or exhibitors”, says Marc Carné Navarro, Telecommunications Manager for Fira de Barcelona.

“Connectivity, therefore, underpins the logistics of the Trade Fair business and its socio-technological support must be entrusted to a supplier who is capable of taking charge” he stresses.

Demanding Environment

Fira de Barcelona has a 10Gb Ethernet Line connecting the Gran Via and Montjuic venues providing fully-transparent end-to-end connectivity between both offices. “The option of being able to easily increase the bandwidth and extend it is extremely important to our business l and with Colt’s support we have the guarantee that this is possible when required”, explains Marc Carné.

When an event requires additional Internet access or connectivity services, Fira asks Colt for temporary circuits. “To cater for these situations, there are some new 200Mb to 1Gb Ethernet lines between Gran Vía and Telvent (now ItConic) that provide additional internet services on standby for those organisers who require a dedicated connection to their Head Office without having to use Fira’s corporate Internet”, adds Marc Carné.

Colt is responsible for one of the mission-critical functions of our business as well as guaranteeing a high-quality service that provides an uninterrupted Internet connection to our Exhibitors when holding events. At the same time they guarantee the connectivity between our offices so that we can manage our internal operations.Marc Carné Navarro, Telecommunications Manager for Fira de Barcelona

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