Fragmentation in European Capital Markets

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Fragmentation in European Capital Markets: how digitalisation and connectivity can help firms navigate risks

Michael James, Business Development Manager, Colt Technology Services

In the wake of the pandemic and an unequal economic recovery, several forces are transforming how European Capital Markets work post-Brexit. As economies rebound, market participants broadly recognise a need to build resilience, remain competitive in the face of innovation, and retain their customers’ trust.

Two big challenges are facing European Capital Markets firms going forward:

  • The transition of two of Europe’s largest exchange infrastructures to new locations (Euronext and LSE);
  • The issue of continued EU access to London-based clearing houses, (CCPs), one of the few areas that were granted continued equivalence after Brexit in January 2021.

With all of this in mind, how do you navigate the changing European market infrastructure and create efficiencies to offset the costs of this fragmentation? Digitalisation and the power of connectivity can help firms mitigate risks and smooth the transition to the new normal.
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