Franck Farigoul

Enterprise Sales, Paris

I love astronomy and taking pictures of astronomical events – I actually did a presentation to my colleagues a few months ago on it. It’s something outside the realm of the everyday. I’m interested in phenomenons that exist beyond our world and our atmosphere. It began ten years ago or so: when my daughter was about five, she became obsessed with astronomy so as her father, naturally, I had to support her interests.  Now she’s a teenager, she’s much more interested in her phone but I’m still absolutely fascinated by the stars.

I’m going to Chile in June to see the total solar eclipse. Astronomy is something completely separate to my day-to-day life, it’s another rhythm – my job at Colt is very virtual, I look at processes and infrastructure changes, I exchange emails with clients and Skype my colleagues. I like the fact that stars are tangible and  solid.

Franck Farigoul | Enterprise Sales | Paris