Hannah Davies

Brand Marketing Executive, London

Five years ago, one of my brothers had his 18th birthday party in our back garden. He’s a musician so his band played and he got some of his friends to play too. When his birthday rolled around the next year, he said he wanted to do it again. This time, we were able to do it at one of our family friends’ farms – we  invited more people, we had a campsite, we even had portaloos. The year after that we wanted to go even bigger. We found a piece of land in Lincolnshire and we’ve been doing it there for the past three years – it’s a proper festival now. We have a license for 2,000 people, which is crazy when you think about how it started off as 50 people in our garden.

I’ve learnt so many skills in my job at Colt that help me with my work at the festival and vice versa – coordinating groups of people, planning, making sure things run smoothly. I started as a graduate in 2016 and over my three years I’ve worked in Internal Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and  Sales, before ultimately moving into Marketing. I think it’s important to broaden your horizons wherever you can and put your learnings into practice in your work. You’re building your future.

Hannah Davies | Brand Marketing Executive

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