Hitachi Systems selects Colt Ethernet Line to connect domestic and international locations

Hitachi Systems is an IT service provider that builds enterprise systems of all sizes for broad industries.

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Hitachi Systems is an IT service provider that builds enterprise systems of all sizes for broad industries. It also provides system operation, monitoring, and maintenance solutions through diverse service infrastructures including data centres, network and security operation and monitoring centres, contact centres, and more than 300 locations across Japan. Since the dawn of IT in Japan, Hitachi Systems has led the industry. Based on its abundant IT service experience, it offers a one-stop service covering the entire IT life cycle from system implementation consultation, design, establishment, operation, and maintenance, through help desk operations. Under the “Human IT” business brand, it drives digitalisation through co-creation, contributing to establishing a sustainable society.

Colt provides us with low-latency broadband networks both in Japan and other countries. We can rely on Colt for prompt, fine-tuned technological support tailored to projects for each end user. Yu Ito, Department Manager, Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Why Colt

Hitachi was looking for a firm to connect locations in Japan and Australia securely. The company compared multiple carriers and selected Colt Ethernet Line for its proven reliability and Colt’s many years of experience providing low-latency, quality networks that meet the mission-critical needs of the financial industry.

In selecting a global network provider as a partner, Hitachi Systems’ is also on track for providing networks worldwide. Colt is a reliable partner with rich experience in providing network services in the financial and many other industries through major hubs in Asia, Europe, and North America.

“Providing network services internationally could be challenging in terms of communicating with local telecom carriers, including language barriers. While providing access to global networks, Colt offers a one- stop solution and allows us to work closely together in Japan. Colt gives us confidence when we provide our end users with detailed analysis about devices and information required for designing networks,” emphasized Mr. Kadono.

Future plans

Hitachi Systems delivers cross-border IT services to customers that undertake business internationally. The company is working to further expand locations mainly in Southeast Asia and India. With a goal to offer broader services that go with the digitalisation trend, Hitachi Systems is committed to co-creation with customers and partners in each region.

“We expect further growth of demand for hybrid cloud connections, especially multi-cloud integration across markets both in Japan and other countries,” said Mr. Kadono. “For financial end users, security and stability is especially important when using the public cloud. I believe more customers will want dedicated cloud connections such as Direct Connect.” Mr. Kadono added, “We selected Colt Ethernet Line also because of the great cost efficiency provided by utilising Colt’s own facilities.”

Hitachi Systems has implemented Colt Ethernet Line for connecting internal data between data centres for financial institutions in Japan including regional banks and insurance companies. “As a huge amount of data is transmitted among large-scale locations and data centres, Colt’s experience in providing broadband networks was one of the reasons for selecting Colt Ethernet Line. Colt does not only offer networks, but also technological support even during the proposal phase. We can rely on Colt because they share detailed information, such as communication channel design, clearly without delay,” said Mr. Ito.

Hitachi Systems supports end users’ cloud migration by leveraging Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access, which enables public cloud access through a closed network. “We are committed to providing integrated services that allow our end users to use multiple hybrid cloud environments securely and stably without worrying about the wider IT environment. To that end, we hope that Colt continues to offer low-latency broadband networks along with technological support as a ‘solution,’” said Mr. Ito.



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