Hugo Rinsema

Incident Manager, Barcelona

I have a background in mechanical engineering and enjoy working with my hands. I design and build things, all sorts of things – I’ve built my own campervan from scratch, half of the furniture in my home. It’s a very basic thing:  you start with this idea in your head and your figure out whether you can do it or not. Even though you know what you want it to look like, once you execute it, the end result surprises you. It’s fun to see if it’s anything like what you imagined. I like the process of it.

I try to live as minimally as possible. I move houses a lot so physical possessions would just hold me back in that scenario. I’m transferring to the Lisbon office in a few months with my wife and my young son to be closer to my wife’s family, so if we had a lot of stuff it would mean a big clean up. I try not to value things too much. My head is full of ideas for things I could build, but I think carefully about which ones I choose. I only act on the ones that will be a success, the ones that will be important to me.

Huge Rinsema | Incident Manager | Barcelona